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Sounds simple, right? After all, they're just bean counters. Well most delays in going public are related to the timely exchange of documents. The match here is finding the right firm with the proper amount of hand holding and follow-up.

Every week we scour the Equity Crowdfunding sites like SeedInvest, Crowdfunder, Flashfunder, MicroVentures, EquityNet, WeFunder, Fundable, CircleUp and more - looking at the firms which have indications of interest in excess of $1 million. 

Then we take a deeper look and speak to management, to see if there is something truly big brewing.


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WELL BASICALLY, WE HELP SMALL AND FAST GROWING COMPANIES GO PUBLIC, by matching them with best and brightest experts on wall street - and more importantly, with the "right" experts on wall street.



(IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE. we are in touch with the best & the brightest.  let us be your guide. LET US FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH.)

we don't do legal work, raise funds, provide accounting, submit sec filings, HANDLE PRIVATE OFFERING DOCUMENTS OR EVEN COME UP WITH BRILLIANT INVESTOR /PUBLIC RELATIONS SCHEMES!

This is going to be the longest road you're going to go down. More important than with legal help, you need to avoid the wrong (toxic) financiers, who can destroy the best laid plans. We can help. There's no such thing as easy money.

Prospectus (subject to completion). Dated February 1, 2012.

so what do we do ?

This week we talk to Hang W/ CEO who raised $1 million in less than three weeks on Crowdfunder.com.


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Experience and track record rules the day when selecting a legal team. We know the best, we've dealt with the best and invested in companies they've help take public. But the perfect fit matches their strengths and interests..to yours.  

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As with nearly all the experts we deal with, the largest and best known, rarely make for the best match, for start-ups. From the Silicon Valley, over to Chicago, or NY and Boston up North and even in South FL, we know the most creative and effective.